1.0.5 Changelog

Project Queen's Meadow 1.0.5 Changelog

[Update] Decreased Fireball damage from 50 to 35. Will reduce incidents of self-inflicted deaths.

[Update] Spear buff. Spear now does 20 damage (in comparison to its previous 15, and the sword's 25). Slightly longer reach than before.

[Update] Slightly changed the area the player gets the shield. Widened the doorway.

[Update] Moved the shield tutorial note to a better location. Updated the note to include a reminder about the inventory.

[Update] Red Slime now moves even faster! Careful not to get overwhelmed!

[Update] Traps now do 15 damage per hit, instead of 5.

[Update] Many traps have been lowered closer to the floor, so that when they are activated, they can hit enemies- not just the player.

[Update] Removed a few over-zealous invisible walls.

[Update] Added water into an area that was supposed to have water but didn't.

[Update] Changed the package file type to .zip to ensure that everyone can unpack the game with ease.


Queen's Meadow 1.0.5.zip 131 MB
Jun 06, 2018

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