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Project Queen's Meadow is a proof of concept for an action rpg heavily influenced by the King's Field (From Software) series! The project was made as part of a thesis work for Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Fight your way through perilous caverns and explore for vital supplies, such as weapons, healing herbs, potions and spells.

20 - 30 minutes of gameplay.



Queen's Meadow 1.0.5.zip 131 MB
Queen's Meadow 1.0.4.rar 105 MB

Development log


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I would love to see more.  I beat it and now I just want to know it ends!


I enjoyed it but I'm not a fan of only being able to attack once before your stamina is gone. Some of the little slimes could get 4-=5 hits on me before I could properly attack again. even Kings Field let you do a couple of attacks! Other than that really good atmosphere.




Is this horror game? I hope it not I don't like horror games but I like it background  is nice you should make another game like this


This game was really fun! The art style looked amazing, and I just loved how it felt to play. I truly fell in love with this while paying with it and I can't wait for more :D


This game is fascinating! I love that the graphics are a mixture of 3D animation and pixel art and the music is so peaceful, despite fighting against slimes and avoiding traps. The story is interesting and raises questions about what happened to the king and the queens. I would definitely play the full version. Thank you for making this game! 

Thank you for the feedback! Really enjoyed watching your video and how calmly you went through the game! Hopefully we will have the chance to expand the story and tell you all what happened. Thank you for playing!


Hey there, I just finished your game and I found that to be quite a challenge, as a game developer myself I can see a lot of hard work and pain went into building this one. Good job. 5/5.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! Greatly enjoyed the video too! Indeed a lot of work and pain went into the game :D Thank you for playing!


I can see a bright future for this game. It has very interesting mechanics involving a wonderfully implemented inventory system, a throwback style to older but refined graphics, and most of all a captivating narrative. I found myself immersed by the journey accompanied by the music, not to mention I am shocked considering this is not only FREE, but also a student project. How wonderfully delightful you have developed such an awesome experience for everyone to enjoy. I was really hoping for an expansion following the safe haven, however I am willing to wait for the great game which is to come. Although I myself found the combat sequence a bit repetitive, I sincerely appreciate what the game's mechanics are actually about. I love this game and can be defined as my first REAL dungeon crawling adventure because of the advanced settings of the game. I must say the environment and ambient music tracks really helped with the immersion factor, I truly was able to lose myself to the game and then realized how long I had actually been playing for. I truly thank you for such a gift to the indie community and hope you grow this into a full release, so I and many others can experience a wonderful work of art.  

Thank you so much for the feedback! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your playthrough! It was indeed a student project and due to that the scope was limited. We have plans to expand the universe and potentially create a full-length game in the setting. Thank you for playing!