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22.3.2018 - NEWS:

- Ixias 1.1 patch is in development and will be released soon-ish.

- Ixias Universe discord channel is up if anyone wants to discuss the game: https://discord.gg/feMdQyb

- Ixias - Stellar Complex Official Soundtrack is available for listening here:

After 2 years in development, Ixias - Stellar Complex is finally released!

Ixias - Stellar Complex is an old-school RPG set in a futuristic dystopian city.

It has been over 60 years since the Great Augmentation Scandal that unleashed a worldwide epidemic of mutations caused by implants meant to enhance human abilities.

During these long years, the world has become mostly uninhabitable wasteland where massive cities have risen as the only shelters. The wasteland is crawling with Turinquas, the mutants, and not even the cities are completely safe.

You are Taiki Yukigan, an agent of the Black Tower corporation that specializes in Turinquas related problems, as well as simply trying to keep the Turinquas problem contained.

After discovering a grisly murder, that is tied to numerous corporations, as well as the Turinquas, you are thrown into the middle of a worldwide conspiracy. Your mission is to find the murderer, and tear down the veil of secrecy!

Believable, futuristic world

A large game world spanning over four major districts and numerous other locations, all of which are insanely detailed and well thought-out. Hub-based exploration with over 50 side-missions. Once the main districts are unlocked via the story, the player can travel between them completely freely.

Deep storyline

Storyline filled with mystery and intrique, exploring deep subject matters ranging from social structures to the very existence of life. There's enough lore to tackle that you can expect many sequels to come.

Epic adventure

Storyline, side-missions, endgame and countless secrets. All in one 20+ hours long cyberpunk adventure.

Custom soundtrack

Entire soundtrack with over 20 themes, composed solely for this game, to create the unique vibe of a dystopian city.

Hacking System to bypass security

Simple hacking minigame to bypass security doors, laser walls as well as computers and safes.

No random encounters
All encounters can be seen on the map beforehand.

Heavily scripted to ensure a unique experience

Thanks to Yanfly's amazing engine, and several other carefully picked scripts, I've been able to make my visions true with minimum amount of compromises.

Achievements and Collectibles

Over 40 achievements and numerous collectibles that actually make a difference.


Ixias - Stellar Complex is 100% free to play.


Ixias - Stellar Complex 1.0.zip 527 MB

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